Hatha Yoga & the Modern Woman (Part II)


Today’s modern woman, specifically can immensely benefit from Hatha Yoga. Busy lifestyles, endless chores and deadlines can all lead to the modern woman feeling stressed, sick and in need of relaxation.  Hatha Yoga is not just a form of exercise; it is the only form of holistic exercise that provides the practitioner with relaxation, rejuvenation and therapy.  Mentioned below are some of the few ways Hatha Yoga can help the busy woman of today:

  • Obtaining a blemish free complexion

Most women today are affected with hormonal imbalances that bring about varied ailments. Skin acne and Psoriasis are a few conditions that are caused by imbalances and deficiencies. The most minuscule or large skin condition can be treated by practicing specific postures and breathing exercises.

  • Therapy for ailments and reproductive system dysfunctions

For years, Hatha Yoga has been used as a form of therapy in treating ailments such as back pains, knee pains, asthma, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disorders etc. Postures and breathing techniques help treat these ailments and cure them. Hatha Yoga can be used as an effective form of therapy to prevent ailments that are caused by genetics or lifestyle.

The modern woman does not only have to worry about the above ailments, there are an alarming number of women who have problems with their reproductive system with such conditions as problems with ovulation & conceiving, cysts and dysfunctional reproductive organs. For centuries Hatha Yoga has been able to help these women. The gentle massage to the reproductive organs when performing certain asanas brings a balance to the hormones in the body.

  •  Therapy for irregular periods during puberty

Hatha Yoga is not limited to women, adolescent girls who have just gone through puberty can greatly benefit by practicing Hatha Yoga. Many girls find themselves getting their first period and not having it for months or it being constantly irregular. It is essential that a monthly period takes place to maintain the balance of the body, thus Hatha Yoga can help keep these young girls’ bodies and minds functioning smoothly.

  • Easing symptoms of Menopause

Menopause symptoms are a downer to say the least. Hot flashes / cold flushes, night sweats, hair loss, fatigue, menstrual irregularities, dizziness, weight gain can all cause a severer disruption to daily life.  By practicing Hatha Yoga these symptoms can be eased and stopped. The restorative nature of practicing Hatha Yoga will bring balance to the mind, body and soul of the woman going through menopause.

  • Leading a stress free life

The modern woman is, unfortunately, no stranger to stress. The causes for these stresses are many. Hatha Yoga brings a balance and helps relax the mind and body. Hatha Yoga eliminates stress through the practice of synchronized asana and breathing techniques. It rejuvenates the body by practicing various forms of conscious relaxations and mindfulness.

With the practice of Hatha Yoga, women of all ages greatly benefit.  Its holistic quality gives it a unique ability to reduce and eliminate different ailments and conditions at various stages of a woman’s life.  Hatha yoga has the exclusive capability of improving the quality of a woman’s life, provide rejuvenation and relaxation and give the modern woman a sound frame of life to enjoy life and the precious relationships around her.

It is advised that if you are to start practicing Hatha Yoga, please do so under a qualified teacher who will be able to guide you to a sequence that is specific to your background.

Nitya is qualified and certified a teacher from Aurora Yoga Studio , Sri Lanka. Should you have any questions with regard to the article, please contact on nitya.aurorayogastudio@gmail.com or 0777703904


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