Your Frequently Asked Questions…. Answered!

1. What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is a gentle form of exercise originating in India. Hatha Yoga incorporates gentle postures with the synchronization of breath which relaxes, rejuvenates and reenergizes the body, mind and soul.

2. What will I be doing when I am practicing Hatha Yoga?

During a typical Hatha Yoga class, you would be performing asanas (exercises / postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), savasana (relaxations) and dharana (reflection).

3. How many hours is a class?

A typical yoga class is between 1 ½ hours to 2 hours.

4. Can I eat before classes?

When practicing Hatha Yoga, there needs to be a food gap, ie, you need to consume food 4 hour prior to practicing asanas and abstain from drinking liquids for 2 hours prior to class. By practicing the food and liquid gap you are able to perform asanas at ease without any discomfort and it allows you get into positions comfortably.

5. When can I consume liquids and solids after classes?

Ten minutes after the conclusion of the class you may consume liquids. You need to wait for half an hour before snacking or having a meal.

6. What should I bring along with me for a class?

Make sure you are properly attired for a yoga class wearing loose pants and t-shirt in which you can move and stretch comfortably. Yoga mats are an essential part of you practice. It is made out of a non-slippery rubber material that makes it easier and safer to perform asanas. If your class has breathing techniques and meditation incorporated into the session, make sure that you have a comfortable meditation cushion that helps keep your spine straight. You may also bring other props like bolsters and yoga belts that help you stretch. You can also bring a water bottle to consume at the conclusion of the class. Remember, you cant drink during the class.

7. Do you need to practice a specific religion when practicing Hatha Yoga?

Though Hatha Yoga originated from the Indian Scripture, Hatha Yoga being a form of exercise does not involve the worship of any religion. During meditation and relaxation you are welcome to look deep within and practice your form of worship to bring about a sense of calmness, but no specific religion needs to be practiced and Hatha Yoga cannot be associated with one Religion. It is meant to be practiced to keep your body healthy and mind relaxed.

8. How old do I need to be to join in?

There is no age limit for joining a Yoga class. There are different programs with different sequences that are designed for the different stages of one’s life. Children as young as two and half years can join in.

9. Is there an age limit?

No, different sequences can be practiced at different age group and there is no age limit whatsoever! We have students as young as 90 practicing Hatha Yoga at our center.

10. Should I be practicing Hatha Yoga when I am sick?

Generally no. It entirely depends on what you define as sick. During simple ailments such as flu, diarrhea, headaches etc, you should not be practicing Yoga. It is best however, to consult a qualified teacher who will be able to guide you and advice you on what you can and cannot do.

11. Can I practice when I am pregnant?

Yes! Starting from your 2nd month of pregnancy you can practice a sequence meant for prenatal yoga. It is strongly advised that you practice with a qualified teacher and please refrain from ‘following’ books and videos during your pregnancy without prior qualified guidance.

12. Can I practice when I have my period?

No, you can however continue your breathing exercises and meditation practices.

13. Can I practice yoga at home as well as at a yoga center?

Yes, you can!

14. How many times a week should I practice?

We recommend twice or thrice a week, but it’s entirely up to you, you can even practice daily!

15. Can yoga help weight loss?

YES!! By practicing yoga you will start to notice that you are able to stretch your body, this bring about muscles being toned and finally improvement of flexibility and stamina. Each posture that you do will strengthen specific parts of your body targeting areas such as your core, thighs, biceps etc.

16. Can yoga help improve concentration?

YES! The gentle movements combined with the breathing techniques and different relaxation techniques can greatly improve concentration in both children and adults.

If you have more questions with regard to practicing or joining in a Hatha Yoga Class, please mail me on or call me on +94777703904


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