Prenatal Yoga

As a mother, I know the joys of finding that your pregnant first hand. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life. To know your capable & responsible for the physical growth of another human within you transfers you to an almost God like status. It is a time for celebration and many beautiful things – reflection, love, bonding, exploring a deeper relationship with your partner and of course being pampered, because let’s face it, the treatment we receive when we are pregnant should be taken advantage of!
Taking care of yourself and the baby during your pregnancy does not stop at making sure your meals are healthy. Bonding with your unborn child during your pregnancy will form the important key stones of your future relationship with your child. Making time to take care of your body during pregnancy helps you maintain your physique and helps your body get used to pregnancy and delivery.
Practicing prenatal hatha yoga has numerable benefits not only for yourself but your precious unborn baby. Gentle exercises synchronised with your breathing help keep your body toned so you can keep giving into those pregnancy cravings. Prenatal yoga also includes deep conscious relaxation, so whether your tired from carrying your bump or need some intensive care due to morning sickness, the relaxations and exercise will revive and re-energize you. In addition, the guided relaxation consciously allows you to bond with your unborn and tune into the babies needs.
Adding to the already mentioned benefits, practising prenatal yoga helps the body prepare for labour by opening up the hips and cervix and also provides you with valuable breathing techniques that will help you deal with contractions and finally with pushing the baby out. Even if you have already decided that a natural delivery isn’t for you, you will find prenatal yoga keeping the fat off in tough areas like bra rolls, thighs, buttocks and arms.

Aurora Yoga Studio prenatal classes are divided according to trimester and we pay very careful consideration to your medical history and current medical circumstances to ensure that you and your baby are safe.

Having practised prenatal yoga during my pregnancy, I can personally attest to the benefits. I can also go onto describe what our classes are like and tell you what you would experience if you were to practice our Prenatal Hatha Yoga. However, I think its best if you experience it from a student’s perspective.

What prompted me to write this post was when I accidentally discovered in a google search a blog entry by a student who is currently following our Prenatal Yoga classes. So, please visit her blog, take a look and you could get a ‘feel’ of how our classes are.

To Tala, thank you, if I had not have read your blog, I would never have known how much you enjoyed our classes or how much you pay attention to every instruction and follow them precisely. I’m glad that we at Aurora Yoga Studio, have in even a small way made your pregnancy beautiful. Thank you!


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